Monthly Gatherings:研究会のお知らせ

月例勉強会 2013年
(monthly gatherings in 2013)

【日本コンラッド協会 第1回全国大会開催のお知らせ




この大会で、日本語で研究発表を希望される方は日本語400字以内で、英語での発表を希望される方は英語200語以内で発表要旨を作成し、2013年1月末日までに以下のアドレス(岩清水由美子先生【コンラッド協会会長】宛て)に添付ファイルでお送りください。 (スパム防止のため、アドレスは画像ファイルにしております)


<2013年05月02日 付記>

Our first annual conference was held at Atomi University on 22 June 2013 (Sat.). We would like to thank every participant again.

<The below is a brief overview of the first annual conference>

[Call for Papers for Our First Annual Conference]

We are going to hold our first annual conference at Atomi University on 22 June, 2013. The deadline for submission of abstracts (within 400 characters in Japanese, or within 200 words in English) is 31 January 2013. They should be sent in MS Word format to Professor IWASHIMIZU Yumiko. Her e-mail address is as follows: (We changed the data of the e-mail address into a JPEG file in order to prevent spam.)

<Additional Information on 2 May 2013>
The programme of the 1st annual conference was determined and uploaded here [a modified version] (Click here for the access to the venue).


【2013年 8月例会(Tokyo)のお知らせ】

日時: 2013年8月7日(水) 13:00〜17:00
場所: 跡見学園女子大学 文京キャンパス M1303教室
題目: “The Idiots”および”The Inn of the Two Witches

The next Conrad gathering in Tokyo is going to be:

Date and time: Wednesday, 7 August 2013 (13:00-17:00)
Venue: Room M1303, Atomi University Bunkyo Campus
(Three minutes’ walk from Myogadani Station, Marunouchi Line)
Topics: “The Idiots” and ”The Inn of the Two Witches

【2013年 3月例会(Hyogo)のお知らせ】


日時: 3月22日(金) 13:00−17:00 (途中休憩を予定)


     〒659-0026 兵庫県芦屋市西蔵町12-24 本館一階第二会議室

【お問い合わせ:090-9700-9068 もしくは田中賢司先生のwebメール まで。スパム防止のため、文字は画像データとしています】

作品:"Typhoon" 「台風」(テキストの版は問いません)

導入:田中 賢司 先生(海技大学校)

[Notice to all members]

Attention: Different from our usual schedule, the next gathering is going to be held not in Kyoto on Saturday, but in Hyogo on Friday.

Date: 22 March, 2013 (Friday) [13:00-17:00]
(A short break will be taken in the middle)

Venue: Marine Technical College
(The conference room on the second floor in the main building)

* a bus or taxi 10-minute ride or a 20-minute walk to the south-east from
  the south exit of Ashiya Station on the JR line.

[Please feel free to contact Mr. TANAKA Kenji if you have any questions about the participation:090-9700-9068 or . His e-mail address and telephone number are changed into GIF files in order that SPAM will be prevented]

Subject: "Typhoon" [Any edition will be acceptable]

Introduction: Mr. TANAKA Kenji (Marine Technical College)

【2013年 1月例会(Tokyo)のお知らせ】

日時:平成25年1月12日(土) 13:00-17:00
場所:跡見学園女子大学 文京キャンパス 1号館M1303教室
論題:'The Idiots' および 'The Inn of the Two Witches'

Notice to all members:

The next Conrad gathering in Tokyo will be:

Date and Time: Saturday, 12 January, 2013 (13:00-17:00)
Venue: Room M1303, Building No.2, Bunkyo Campus, Atomi University
(Three minutes’ walk from Myogadani Station, Marunouchi Line)
Topic: 'The Idiots' and 'The Inn of the Two Witches'