Monthly Gatherings:研究会のお知らせ

月例勉強会 2016年
(monthly gatherings in 2016)

【2016年 5月例会(大阪)のお知らせ】




場所: 関西学院大学梅田キャンパス14階 1401教室
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参考文献 『ナイチンゲールの末裔たち――〈看護〉から読みなおす第一次世界大戦.』 荒木映子著 岩波書店 2014年

 お問い合わせは、山本薫先生(滋賀県立大学准教授)までお願いします【yamamoto.k [at sign]】

<Attention> Different from usual workshops, in the next gathering Professor ARAKI Eiko (Ryukoku University) is going to give a special lecture. We truly appreciate Professor Araki's kindness. In addition, the next gathering is going to be held in Osaka, and it is going to be started in the morning. Nonmembers of our society will be welcomed,

Date and time: 5 May 2016, 10: 30 a.m.

Venue: The room 1401 on the 14th floor at Osaka Umeda Campus of Kwansei Gakuin University
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The theme of the lecture: Conrad and "Disease"-- On the Relationship between Conrad and Nursing in World War I

A Book for Reference: Nightingale no Matsuei-tachi-<Kango> kara Yominaosu Daiichiji Sekai Taisen, by ARAKI Eiko. Tokyo: Iwanami-shoten, 2014.

If you have some questions about the lecture, send an e-mail to Professor YAMAMOTO Kaoru (The University of Shiga Prefecture) : [yamamoto. [at sign]].