To all the members of Tokyo-Kyoto Conrad Group
  & every reader of Joseph Conrad

  Announcement of a Tour of the Kaiohmaru, a famous sailing ship, &
a Monthly Conrad Group Gathering taking place in Toyama on March 25, 2007

Organizer:TANAKA, Kenji

 Joseph Conrad was born on 3 December 1857 into an aristocratic family at Berdyczow in the part of Poland
under Russian domination. In 1874 he left Poland for France and in 1878 began a career with the British
Merchant Navy. He spent nearly twenty years as a sailor before becoming a full-time novelist. He gained British
citizenship and Master’s certificate in 1886. He sailed almost all the oceans or waters on the globe―the
Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the North Sea, the waters in South East Asia and Australia, the Congo River in
Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) and so on. His many voyages, particularly to Africa, left
his fellow novelist Henry James marveling, ‘No one has known…the things you know.’ Conrad converted these
experiences into half-a-dozen brilliant novels, all written in a language he did not learn until he was 21. Conrad
collapsed after the second heart attack and died on the morning of 3 August 1924.
 This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Conrad (or Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski,
as he was christened). UNESCO glorifies the achievements Conrad left behind in literature, particularly the
manner in which he shows a deep insight into an individual’s ethics and human solidarity. Almost all the stories
or literary essays which are set in the sea describe in an impressive way the characters of seamen, sometimes
competing with a typhoon, sometimes dreaming of becoming a hero in vain, and at other times not being able to
keep up with the times of steam-ships (for example, The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’, Youth, The End of the
Tether, The Secret Sharer, Lord Jim, The Shadow-Line, and The Mirror of the Sea

 This particular tour is designed to make a close observation of the inner parts, sailing aids and equipment of
the Kaiohmaru,(which literally means the King of The Sea),a sailing ship,now at anchor in Shinminato, Toyama
Prefecture, which acted as a practicing ship over a long period of 77 years on the Seven Seas
of the world to train young seaman-to-be. I am afraid every reader of sea stories has a lot of things which
need to be solved in relation to the parts of a sailing ship. I hope this tour may offer you a nice opportunity to
ask professionals about those things. If you have some questions to ask the professionals, let me know in
advance, so that I can act as go-between.

Date: March 24 (Saturday), 2007 〜March 25(Sunday), 2007
    (Basically two days overnight, but you can show up on either of the two days)

Event(s) on each day:
 March 24 (Saturday) From 13:00 〜 Tour of the Kaiohmaru (Part 1)―Captain is going to explain in person.

 March 25(Sunday) From 10:00 o’clock 〜 Tokyo-Kyoto Conrad Group March Gathering−presentations on
                           Conrad’s work with particular emphasis on the sea or sailing ships.
              From 13:00 o’clock 〜 Tour of the Kaiohmaru (Part 2)
                           Captain is going to explain in person.

Place:Kaiohmaru Park (8 Kaiohcho Imizu-cho Toyama Prefecture)

Participants will be informed about the meeting place; contact me.

Access to Kaiohmaru: refer to

You can take the nice special expressThunderbird (SAN-DAH-BAH-DO in Japanese) to the destination from
Osaka Station on the JR Line.

I am ready to give a full explanation about this event or any related matters if you have any questions.

My Name and Address: TANAKA, Kenji
19-202 , Nishiyama-cho, Higashi-kyujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi